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31 October 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: The Lord is faithful to His promises and loving towards all He has made. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and His Dominion endures through all generations. Psalm 145:13. Even though you are on the crossroad and wonder why God has humbled you to a state beyond your imagination, you need to remember God's promises that He has not and will not abandon you. His purpose is for you to recognise His presence and respond to Him.

Moses seems to be wasting his potential in the lonely place of the rear of the desert. In such time of crisis, we need to have encounter with God, with the reality of a Holy God to recognise His Holiness by standing in His presence. When Moses drew near to see the burning bush, he was asked to remove his sandals for the ground he was standing on was holy. Exodus 3:5-6. Normally slaves walked bare footed. If a man is to remove his sandals in the presence of a holy God, it is to signify that he has to resign his freedom and recognise himself as a servant in His sight. It's as Jesus said, Not my will but yours be done. Matthew 26:39.

From here we can see that it's always God's principle that the first half of your life is gracious in secular community, preparing for the second half your life in the spiritual. Moses was a nobleman in the world for 40 years and after humbling for 40 years he answers to God's call. It varies with each individual. When it's time for God to lift you up, you are in the favor of God. Unless, like Moses, you turn side and look at the rare sight in Exodus 3:2, God would not make His approach, neither are you challenged to a new task with Him. What we all need is always a face to face confrontation with Him to be sure of our calling and His will. Your response is however a priority God be praised.

Prayer: Abba Father, as I grow in grace and maturity, may I know more fully Your purposes for my life. As I understand this plan, give me such love in my heart that most gladly will I yield myself in fullest cooperation. May it all be done for the glory and honor of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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