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School of the Holy Spirit

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Looking for spiritual growth, spiritual enhancement, and empowerment? Check us out at the School of the Holy Spirit, a school of equipping, formed primarily in 2012 to equip the Body of Christ for ministry and to discover their direction for life and mission. We have cataloged unique and creative modules to equip students for creative preaching and teaching both in Singapore and in the nations. Our lessons are interactive and practical. It has been an enriching journey with students from various denominations both in Singapore and across the nations who have testified on the uniqueness of our modules that have helped them in spiritual growth and greater inner sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s Presence is awesome in each meeting. This School is for those who hunger and thirst for more knowledge and revelation of the Holy Spirit and a greater intimate walk with the Lord. It aims at helping you to discover God’s way in a changing world. Come and hear what the Spirit of the Lord has to say in this everchanging world from our modules. For more inquiries call Sister Serena (+65) 9651 7580 for more details.

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This module unveils Demonic Plan against mankind as against God’s plans of salvation for us and why spiritual battle is inevitable and the devil’s limited powers against Christians. This Module is not only for Christians but serves also to bring spiritual awakening to atheists to the knowledge of an Almighty Majestic God, who is all powerful, all present, all wisdom.

May the Lord increase your knowledge and understanding of the spiritual forces operating in this part of heaven that has hampered the walk of many with God which you will find answers in this module. It is time God’s people understand the demonic realm and its activity so that they can confront the spiritual forces and possess the victorious plan God has ordained for them.

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Module 3/2021: 

Lesson One: Understanding the invisible realm of the Spirit


Lesson Two: Demonic Plan against Mankind 


Lesson Three: Life is a BattleLesson


Lesson Four: Demon Possession and OppressionLesson

Lesson Five: Pre-Adamic World


Lesson Six: Curses and their operation

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Christianity today is weakened by lack of intimate and powerful walk with God.  Knowledge without power is of little value to a Christian.  The more programmatic the focus, the less emphasis we place on building deep and caring relationships that result in changed lives.  Our early church fathers knew there was a cost to living out the word of God not simply giving mental assent to it.   

Ps Kiran has put together a module on “Raising a Mighty Army of God” which highlights the importance of prayer, the approach to God in holiness, and how to manifest His miracles through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  God wants us to apply our heart to instruction and our ears to words of knowledge. (Prov 23:12) We must listen and respond with the heart irrespective of the nature of service our commitment is to God.  A closer walk with God will give you the truths of discipleship and the steps to elevating ourselves to be a Commander leading the army of God. 

It is a module you cannot afford to miss as we have specially invited Ps Kiran from Chennai, India to teach this module from the words of knowledge he has attained and his sharing of rich experiences to elevate you to be a commander of the Army of God.  If every believer follows closely the truths he is sharing, how quickly the Kingdom of God could be expanded with spiritual vitality, spirituality and maturity.  Every lesson will be followed by Q&A session and prophetic impartation.

Come and be blessed.


Copy of Copy of Copy of ARMOR OF GOD (4)
Lesson One: Raising an Army of God
Lesson Two: Paying the Price
Lessons Three: Primary Importance of Prayer
Lesson Four: Living A Life of Holiness
Lesson Five:  God of Miracles
Lesson Six:  Manifestation of the Gifts of the Spirit
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About the Module 

“Birthing in the supernatural” is the fourth Healing Mantle taught in the School of the Holy Spirit.  It is a module highlighting the Messiah and His Redemptive Work & the power of the Blood of Jesus that birthed the supernatural power vested in you by the Holy Spirit.  Healing in the supernatural has not been normative since the advancement of medical science.  Jesus’ great commission is for you to go and heal the sick and preach His Kingdom.  Mark 16:16-20.  Some are more gifted than the others but all believers are commissioned to heal the sick and witness the power of God in their healing.  In this Module, we highlight the protocol of divine healing and miracles to facilitate the growth of healing ministries that will hasten the revival and salvation of souls, the greatest miracle God desires to see in His heart.  Jesus says “Rejoice because your names are written down in heaven” Luke 10:17-21 denoting that salvation is of utmost importance because it is the healing of the greatest disease in our life “Sins” that need to be confessed that Jesus, our Righteous Judge is the Great High priest who still heals today with signs and wonders following through your availability.  So register for this new module today.  It is a module that every believer needs to fulfill the Great Commission.



Module 2/2021: 

Session 1: Divine Images with translation

Session 2: Understanding Prophetic insight through Color

Session. 3: Awakening our 5 Senses to the Supernatural 

Session 4: Discerning the presence of the Lord through Fragrances

Session 5: What is the Name of God?

Session 6: What is the Power of Spiritual 

Module  4/2020: Birthing In The Supernatural

Lesson One:  Sicknesses and their relation to Body, Soul and Spirit

Lesson Two:  The Messiah’s Redemptive Work

Lesson Three:  Malachi’s Prophecy – receiving and releasing the Healing Mantle

Lesson Four:  Healing in the Old & New Testament

Lesson Five:  Blockages in the supernatural

Lesson Six:  The wow factor of the Promises of God

Lesson Seven:  Ministry to the Sick & its protocol

Lesson Eight:  Power & authority to heal the sick

Lesson Nine:  God’s watchful care

Lesson Ten:  How to maintain your healing

Lesson Eleven:  Moving in the supernatural I

Lesson Twelve:  Moving in the supernatural II

End of course.

Course fee $50.00 plus offering

Enjoy the course and start operating on the gifts you have been given that the manifestation of the Spirit will attract the salvation of souls.

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MODULE 3/2020 :  The Truth About Revelation


About the Module 

The first few words of the book of Revelation says “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. We often make the mistake of thinking that the book is about the Great Tribulation or the Anti-Christ or the Beast etc. It is not, whilst these elements are presented in the book, the main emphasis is that it is Jesus who is on the throne and orchestrating all the events of the last days. It was given to Apostle John to communicate to the Christian world that was undergoing tremendous persecution so that they would be encouraged and not give up the faith.


Today, statistics show that Christians are the largest group of persecuted people in the world. 2 Timothy 3 tells us that in the last days perilous times will come and Paul gives a description of peoples’ hearts in the last days. If we read it carefully we will see that all these traits are now evident in the world. As such we Christians need to see Jesus as He is portrayed in the book of Revelation, so that we can be encouraged and strengthened as well.

Module 3 /2020: The Truth About Revelation 
Lesson One: 3 Nov 2020
Chapter 1-3.  Jesus Prepares the Church
Lesson Two: 10 Nov 2020
Chapter 4-5.  The Throne & Scroll
Lessons Three: 17 Nov 2020
Chapter 6.   Rapture & Seals
Lesson Four: 24 Nov 2020
Chapter 7=12. Trumpets & The Dragon
Lesson Five: 1 Dec 2020
Chapter 13-16.  Wrath of God
Lesson Six: 8 Dec 2020
Chapter 17-21.  Final Events.
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About the Module 

The Home has been held in highest esteem in God’s heart as the centre of training for all of life. This is reflected in Deuteronomy 6:67- “Hear O sons, the instruction of a father, and give attention that you may gain understanding, for I give you sound teaching; do not abandon My instruction. You shall teach them when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, which you lied down and when you rise up“ In this module we hope to cover the family roles, laid out in the Torah. 


Children becoming adults are no longer disciplined and trained by their fathers and mothers in the art of marriage and the raising of children. No young adults should enter the fields of marriage and parenting without training.  


Communion and family has been in God’s heart from the beginning of creation of this world. It is time parents start reflecting on the factors leading to rebellion of their children and how to re-parent them to God’s Torah perspective handed down through Moses for all generations. 

We believe you will discover truths of what you are going through with your families and the remedial steps to take from this course. The course is starting soon. Stay blessed and connected! Register today with your friends!  


It is a course you cannot afford to miss as all of us do have families. It is also a course useful for parents, young adults, teenagers, counsellors, pastors and ministers of healing. 

Module 2/2020: Towards Family Wholeness

Lesson One: Parents set the family culture

Lesson Two: The effects of fall of humanity

Lessons Three: Marriage as a Covenant Part I

Lesson Four: Marriage as a Covenant Part II

Lesson Five: Characteristics of a Godly Husband

Lesson Six: Characteristics of a Godly wife

Lesson Seven: Stewardship of children I

Lesson Eight: Stewardship of children II

Lesson Nine: Preparing our children for marriage I

Lesson Ten: Preparing our children for marriage II

Lesson Eleven: How to maintain marriage in a fallen world

Lesson Twelve: Family as a corporate

Lesson Thirteen: Resolving anger in a fallen world I

Lesson Fourteen: Resolving anger in a fallen world II

Lesson Fifteen: The Church Role in bringing family to wholeness

Enjoy the course and start operating on the gifts you have been given that the manifestation of the Spirit will attract the salvation of souls.

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“The Lord God has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious nor did I turn away”
Isaiah 50:5

We aspire spiritual gifts but are unable to recognize them as weapons of warfare to operate in the spirit against evil forces. This course will enable you to recognize the omnipotent presence of the Holy Spirit, and the failure of the Church to use spiritual gifts because of lack of understanding, rendering them powerless. Anytime you go to the battle without your weapons properly functioning, you cannot expect to win the fight. Jesus, whilst on earth taking the role of man, only function within the framework of the gifts of the Spirit. It is the same with men of God in the Old Testament which we will highlight in the course.

At the end of the course, you will recognize the true greatness of spiritual gifts and allow them to become a vital part of your life. The ministry Jesus performed on this earth was directed, guided and energized by the Holy Spirit. Apostle Paul also emphasized on the spiritual gifts in his Epistles as a necessary part of our fighting gear both defensive and offensive especially offensive. Jesus is coming back to the Church that is glorious – winning victory after victory and setting men free by the power of God. The Body of Christ is an advancing army winning victory not retreat, not having a defeatist attitude. Will you be part of this Army?

Module  1/2020: Understanding Gifts as Weapons of Welfare

Lesson One: Nature & Role of the Holy Spirit – Starting from the creation
Lesson Two: Two foundation stones in operation of the Spirit
Lesson Three: God’s gifts to the Church, the threefold nature of man
Lesson Four: Revelation gifts in Old & New Testament

Lesson  5: Revelation Gifts in Old & New Testaments:  Knowledge & Discernment

Lesson 6 :  Power Gifts in Old & New Testaments I

Lesson 7:  Power Gifts in Old & New Testaments II

Lesson 8:  Power Gifts in Old & New Testaments III (Working of Miracles)

Lesson 9: How & Where do Power Gifts operate?

Lesson 10: Spiritual Gifts in Jesus’ Ministry

Lesson 11: Spiritual Gifts in the Early Church

Lesson 12: How can you receive the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 13: The Devil’s Counterfeit of Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 14: The Nine-fold purpose of Spiritual Gifts

Lesson 15A: Five-Fold Ministry Gifts in Old & New Testaments I

Lesson 15B: Five-Fold Ministry Gifts in Old & New Testaments II

Lesson 16: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit for Elders, Deacons, Government & Help

Enjoy the course and start operating on the gifts you have been given that the manifestation of the Spirit will attract the salvation of souls.

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SOHS – 2019 Module 3 CURRICULUM



“The Lord God has opened my ear; and I was not rebellious nor did I turn away”
Isaiah 50:5

The Kingdom of God is losing ground because of the lack of revolutionary faith on the battlefield. The ability to hearing God in critical moments is of paramount importance. Revolutionary faith is key to hearing God in critical moments. So often have we doubted whether the words released are what God is speaking? We should ask ourselves “Am I listening?”

We need to hear God in critical moments at a time like this. Prayer is only the foundation for every Christian enlisted to the Army of God. We need to get into the next level of combat. To do so we need to draw strength in silence as we wait upon the Lord and on His next strategy to apply so that we can ascend into the next level of “Walking in the authority of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit”. It is only when we are armed with this truth can we be effective in opening heavenly gates, that will grant us God’s battle plan for the spiritual war we are fighting. There have been too many casualties in God’s army with Christian soldiers getting out of the line of the will of God ending up lost in the battlefield. We need to fight the battle on bended knees.

Come and be blessed and let God reveal to you the land mines to avoid and His battle
plan to advance the Kingdom of God.


Objective: Give God a listening ear

Lesson One: Inner working of the Holy Spirit
Lesson Two: Detecting the Landmines I – Inviting God’s presence
Lesson Three: Detecting the Landmines II – hearing in meditation
Lesson Four: Detecting the Landmines III – hearing clear instructions
Lesson Five: End-time Missile
Lesson Six: Satanic Strongholds
Lesson Seven: The Prophetic Armies of the Lord
Lesson Eight: When God says,“NO” & He is silent
Lesson Nine: Battle of the First Born
Lesson Ten: Calling forth angelic messengers
Lesson Eleven: Finding your secret place
Lesson Twelve: The Principles of the Harvest