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Father Me (FM) Sanctification Program

“Every plant which my heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted.”  (Matthew 15:13)


Research has shown that 70% of our medical and cyclical problems lies in spiritual and emotional abuse. Maturity does not come with age. We can 'grow old in the Lord', yet not mature. The mandate to mature is the highest calling for those who belong to Christ.

To move forward to maturity, we must:
(a) Understand the process of human development as God intended us to be;

(b) To parent our children in the ways of the Lord and not according to our natural insight;

(c) To recognize the 'roots' of our adult problems in our infancy and childhood;

(d) To experience the healing and transformation of the Lord as we relive the events of the past in His revealed presence.

FM Inner Healing & Sanctification Program, the roadmap to spiritual growth and improved emotional health, helps you to discover the spiritual and emotional roots of your problems. This Program will show you stage by stage how wounding during your infancy and childhood inhibits or prevents you from being what God intended you to be and the merciful healing ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ that will be applied not only to set you free but also to transform harmful events and their results thereof into the blessing of a strong and powerful character.

FM helps you to discover that your past contains a wealth of relationships, experiences, lessons and hurts that can be a foundation of a victorious future. It helps you to build and maintain healthy relationships with family members, oneness in marriage, and allow healthy separation as you empower others to grow and flourish. You have a choice to transform your past to victory or let them use you – tainting your current relationships and hindering your ability to be the person God intended you to be. Many have discovered their calling and closer communion with God after going through this program. Others experience a financial breakthrough, new careers, and closer family relationships, and spiritual enhancement and empowerment in ministry.


*Father Me Healing sessions are also available.  Kindly contact us at 65-67411502 for an appointment. God bless!  

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