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30 October 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: John 14:15 If you love Jesus, you will obey His command. What was His command? His command to the seventy disciples was to heal the sick who are there and tell them the Kingdom of God is near them. Luke 10:1, 9. He did not say to pray for the sick but to heal them as Jesus has given His full authority to us as He did to His disciples. Therefore, we are to receive that power and authority to heal by faith so that miraculous will follow. He did not say that all His Apostle have the power but all those who believe, signs and wonders will follow. Mark 16:17. Since you believe, you will perform signs and wonders. Prophet Isaiah says that we are for signs and wonders in Isaiah 8:18.

If we quit healing the sick because of past defeat, we rob ourselves and others of joy and delight of future victories. The disciples failed to heal the demonized boy and wondered why. Jesus told them that Deliverance is preceded by prayer and fasting. They did not quit going about healing the sick but instead rejoiced at the thrill of victory as we read throughout the New testaments. Along with Jesus' power within us through the Holy Spirit, we must embrace His heart of compassion if we are to minister healing to the lost, the hurting and the broken-hearted. Power and compassion go hand in hand. Even Jesus healed in power moved by His compassion. It's only through perseverance that you experience the greatest breakthroughs and miracles. Don't buy into deception during the time of your defeat. Scripture commissioned us to persevere even if nothing happens. In due time we will experience breakthrough in healing.

Signs and wonders cause one to fear God and to believe like the Philistines during the days of Rahab. Filled with awesome acts of God, she rather rejected the King of Moab's request to hand over the spies rather than to hide them and direct them the way of escape from their pursuers.

I am sure you do not like to see your loved ones or those who are directed to you to lose their life to critical illness. No matter how severe an illness, God can heal. Nothing is impossible for those who believe. Mark 9:23. We must take an aggressive stand against diseases like Cancer or other critical illness, refusing to let any more succumb to diseases. Instead of dwelling on self pity at the agony of defeat, go after the enemy with great vigour and see incredible miraculous victories as a result. The command to heal is in the Great commission of Mark 16:15-18. God desires all believers to heal the sick with His anointing of power and authority to heal. Healing is the only route to true fruit and victory. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord, sustain us through setbacks, trials and disappointments. Allow us to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture of the Gospel if we are to take our place in this great days' harvest. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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