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22 April 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: In the Book of Nehemiah God gave him compassion to rebuild the temple of Jerusalem. Nehemiah 2:5. Rebuilding a physical building is costly and takes a long time. More costlier is building a life that has been wounded, depressed and filled with bitterness. To build a life is to reignite, reconnect, and reengage in serving. This is tiresome for once a heart is broken, it is difficult to reignite the passion to worship God who knows where they are coming from. Until the passion is reignited, it is difficult to connect to their spirit to reengage them to serve.

Unless the passion to rebuild is reignited, we easily give up when times are tough. The minute his passion was reignited, the mind is filled with clarity the steps to take without wavering even if opposition is strong. A reignited heart can withstand any weather. He can rightfully say with confidence and without wavering that the God of heaven will give him success to rebuild a life. Nehemiah 2:20. To rebuild a building is to rebuild a life. We are God's building according to Apostle Paul and His temple whom the Lord dwells. 1 Corinthians 6:19.

To rebuild a life you need to study the condition of the heart. To repent does not mean to change the mind but to change the heart. This task is difficult unless we know deeply within their hearts the spiritual condition. It takes time and patience to mend a broken heart. Like rebuilding a building we need all the ingredients needed to rebuild a life before it can be rebuild. First, we must reignite the spirit. You can't engage a life without reigniting the spirit. We need patience and faith to rebuild a life.

Make it your mission today to rebuild lives that are lost or on the crossroad. Know their hearts desire and do not withhold the request of their lips. Psalm 21:2. Surrender it all to Jesus who comprehend their paths. He will direct you. God be praised.

Prayer: For the kingdom belongs to the Lord. And He rules over the Nations. Our soul knows it so well. Show me your ways O Lord and teach me your paths. Lead me in Your truth and teach me. On You I wait all day long. In Jesus’ name, You are the light of my salvation.

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