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16 May 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's provision: Judges 18:10. When God calls you to possess His promised land, do not delay for when He calls, He ensures there is no lack of provision. Trials may come and you may fear a recurrence of the traumatic problems of childhood days yet do not fear. It's through trials that the power of your might is strengthened in the inner man. If a butterfly in a cocoon is not allowed to struggle, to wriggle its way out patiently it will not be a beautiful flower in the garden enjoying the sweet presence of nature.

It's when your heart and mind is connected that you are confident in winning every battle that is before you. No matter how long you have been tested, stay firm and allow your spirit to grow and be strong always in the Lord. It's when you have the full armor that the sins of the flesh can be easily overcome.

Do not be afraid at all times no matter how long the trials are. If Jepthah were to dwell in self-pity when he was driven out of his father's house because he is a son of another woman, he would not have been a mighty warrior leading the household for which he was driven from. Judges 11:1-11. He waited for the right time of His intervention.

Therefore, for whatever struggles you are going through, do not be anxious for you will be led to what you have been destined for. God loves an enduring warrior that does not give up battles easily but fight till he emerged as a mighty champion. God be praised.

Prayer: When God calls, He will make a way for you to fulfill your mission. He will not allow His chosen ones to be forsaken. Therefore, I will triumph wherever I go for the Lord is with me. He will not forsake me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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