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15 July 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Jesus speaks in parables to the crowd but to his disciples he shared the mysteries of the Kingdom. Matthew 13:11. Why did he speak in parables? To make people understand spiritual truths, stories and understanding. Yet there are still people whose ears are plugged and do not understand them. Those who hear the word spread the message and Jesus says these people are blessed.

Why is the Holy spirit that comes on Jesus is in the form of a dove? It's a symbol of innocence, purity, weakness, poverty and gentleness. Gentleness and humility therefore will be the hallmarks of any ministry.

As Jesus' disciples we don't just sit and learn. We must walk and follow. As Jesus' disciple we fish for something more valuable than food, the hearts and lives of people. Matthew 4:19. Jesus' ministry serves three purpose. First He proclaim the good news. Secondly he heals the sick and cast out demons. By so doing he is conveying a message that God's kingdom has broken into a hurting world. Every true disciple of Jesus Christ surrenders all that are within them. Some do it liberally whilst others are ready to leave everything in order to announce and build the kingdom.

Kingdom membership is by invitation only and the gracious King invited all to come in. However kingdom membership brings forth responsibilities. There are only two options. Those who respond to His grace receives eternal life. Those who reject the Son their path leads to destruction. We can live lives to glorify Him as Light of the world Matthew 5:14 and salt of the earth v13. As God's blessed people, we must be aware of our utter dependency on God and have a single minded devotion to Him.

Prayer: Father blessed are those whose hearts are open to you to receive your word. May we depend solely only upon you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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