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13 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: When Jesus tells us not to judge in Matthew 7:1 He is telling us that those who are not up to our standard is not for us to judge. We judge based on what we see, people's conduct and growth but God judges the world in righteousness and the people with equity. Psalm 89:9. There are two parables, the parable of the dragnet and parable of tares. These parables are different in nature.

One is judged based on your response to His calling and if you do not yield you are considered tares and thrown into the fire. It is a calling on an invitation to you to join His kingdom. The other parable the parable of the dragnet is not necessarily a condemnation of evil doers. We are saved for good works. This parable judges your usefulness in the kingdom and if not, will be thrown into the fire. Matthew 13:47-49.

The first calling is impartial. The second calling is partial. In the Second calling, God judges us according to His standard of righteousness - whether you are fish that is usable. Do you fit His holy standard? Are you proclaiming Christ's return and establish God's wonderful benevolent Government here on Earth? In the final judgement, God's kingdom people are judged by their obedience to His way of life the way you serve Him, your attitude towards the stresses of life, the fruit you bear on Earth in terms of character, behavior and attitudes and the measure of your love for Him and others. Obedience to His commandment of love and devotion should be our priority in life in pursuing our life mission.

Worship and work must be the major part of our lives and these help maintain our righteousness. When God calls us, in the natural it affects our livelihood. It seems compensation is low. But God pays you a return on your investment which exceeds more than your worldly investment. It's a good measure that is returned to you press down shaken together running over - an overflow beyond comprehension. Luke 6:38.

Your worldly investment has no eternal value and not retainable but investment in His kingdom carries eternal rewards and earthly rewards. God compensates you far beyond what the world can compensate you. You can lose in world investment. Reserves in the world's investment also can be lost. But with investment in His kingdom, nothing is lost. In addition more is deposited into your account.

Whoever has more will be given and he will have abundance, but whoever does not have, even the residue is taken away. Matthew 13:12. It's His responsibility to invite and your responsibility to respond. God be praised.

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