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9 January 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Let your eyes ever be on the Lord for only He can release your feet from the snares. Psalm 25:15. Make the Lord your confidence so that your feet will not be ensnared. Proverbs 3:26. No one who has hope in Him will ever be ashamed.

One of life's greatest lesson is that you do not need to be perfect to succeed. All you need is the strength and power of God that enables you to accomplish life's exploits.

This is seen in the life of Samson. He was defeated through complacency, pride and lust of the flesh but waited for God's timing of vindication for life's defeat is only for a moment if you know how to overcome the downward pull of life. He sought a way to be strong in the midst of weakness and pressure. All he does is to tap on the power of God when he is far less than perfect. What led him to crisis in his early life was to depend on his own muscles for strength. Till he rests on the Lord's strength, he has to be at the beck and call of the Philistines.

No one is exempted from failure in life. Pride, defeated attitude, adultery, betrayal and a host of negative emotions are the roots of all our failures. Galatians 5:19-21.

Victory can be regained when you decided to be different. God always turned our failures for good for those who loved Him and are called for His purpose. Romans 8:28. All is not lost if you are in defeat now. The hard stones we are stepping on are only the pathway to His best. When the time is right for His intervention, everything fits together and you see His plan for your life unfold. God always weave your life for His eternal purpose. Letting God have control over your life is the path to recovery. Victory comes from living God's excellent way. When you discover the power of God and His lordship over your life, you are on the verge of success. Only faith and confidence can enable you to overcome.

So have peace like a river and consider the wealth of Nations a flooding stream so that success will follow you all the days of your life. Isaiah 66:12. It's this peace that guides your heart to victory to manifest victory in the physical. God can turn your situation around through His principles of victory. God loves a cheerful heart. Walk in the light and joy of His salvation. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord as my heart rejoices and drink deeply and delight in Your overflowing abundance, may I continually proclaim glory from now and forever. May Your name be greatly praised among the Nations. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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