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5 July 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: King Solomon in Ecclesiastes 4:12 records that one can be overpowered but two persons can defend themselves but if the cord is of three strands it cannot be easily broken. This statement is the same as Jesus' words in Matthew 18:19-20 which states that when two or three gather together in prayer in unity, He will be with them. But even if two are gathered together to agree about the petition they present to God, it will be done for them. What an awesome God we serve!

God is always in control of our life. Testing may come and storms may be raging in our hearts, but He being the controller and Creator can calm them only with one word 'Be still' and it will be calmed. This is the power of our Lord God who now holds the authority over heaven and Earth. Matthew 28:18 and such authority is handed to His disciples. Matthew 10:1. We too have this authority. He has sent the Holy Spirit to help us and has not left us as orphans. John 14:18. We need to have faith then we can do whatever He does. He who called you is faithful. As He has promised, as Jesus is now with His Father, and the Holy spirit is with us, we will do greater things. This is His promise to us as His disciples. John 14:12. So why are you doubting when He delays in answering? He has His timing and know what is good for you. Wait upon Him for His testing is to work patience in you. God be praised.

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