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28 August 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God is so merciful. He said that though the whole land is bare, yet He will not make a full end. Jeremiah 4:27. When you are faced with intense adversity, you thought you are at the end of the road yet God always made a pathway for you to get out of your doldrums. At the end of the tunnel is always a light for His lightpen lightens darkness. Colossians 1:12-13. This is the promise He always renders to His people.

From ancient times, every teenager who grows into adulthood tend to be aggressive and manipulative which parents termed as rebellious. However, parents fail to look within their teenager's heart if they have been emotionally paralysed by traumatic events of the past that were not resolved during childhood days that are affecting their emotional health and Spiritual condition. As long as they are not resolved, they bury them for survival.

Unresolved traumas of childhood manifest themselves in devastating adult behaviors thereby hindering them to mature. They grow physically and chronologically yet remain like children holding onto their fears and rejection because their parents do not understand nor accept their reasonings. It is only when we undergo the procedure of recognising our reactive lifestyle and letting go of our pain that we start to mature. Eph 4:14-15. There is so much truths in God's word to bring forth Deliverance and salvation to our soul.

If you are going through a cycle of pain, let your mind be open to what God is revealing to you. He has the answer to all your pain. God be praised. We look forward to seeing you at our workshop Roadway to maturity to discover more truths from our Reparenting program on emotional competencies for resolution of your pain in adulthood.

Prayer: Lord we thank You for Your assurance of redemption of the cycle of our pain. Kindly help us to grow in You Lord. Amen.

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