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17 September 2021

Today’s Inspiration: We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit at all times as challenges or crisis arises in life. Negative emotions are invisible enemies which weary the soul with sorrow and the enemy uses our reactions to bring deception to our minds. Fear is the greatest deceiver. But we are not of the flesh but of the Spirit who quickens by God’s Word, Truth and Rhema that strengthens our spirit, soul, and body. Psalms 119:28-29 His Word disposes our fears and exposes faith in our spirit man. Remember God does not give us the spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7 So let us not feel weary but be strengthened by His Word.

5782 Hebraic year is a new chapter and season for us to seek and sought God in prayer and fasting, to hear His voice. Without patience, we can lose our destiny so we need to stay longer in God’s presence till His prophetic commands are released. Acts 1:8 They shall make us wiser than our enemies. Psalms 119:98.

A fresh season shall unfold with healing miracles and breakthroughs for those who tarry. They will not lose their reward but shall eat the fruit of their labor. It’s time to move in God’s kairos time and season, to proclaim His promises and many emotional mountains shall be removed by faith. Mark 11:23 When we obey God’s command and remain in His love, our joy shall be full and complete. John 15:11 Do not lose the love for one another and the assembly of the saints for God’s anointing shall break the yoke. Praise God!


Dear Abba Father God, as we wait upon you, renew our strength and let us mount on your wings like eagles that we shall run and feel weary, walk and not faint. In thy love, our joy is complete in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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