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11 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Our choices determine the destiny of our future. The best decision is made by seeking first the Lord and His godly counsel. After winning victories in Israel, David thought it's good to show kindness to Hanun, son of Nahash because of his father's kindness to him before. 1 Chronicles 19:2. So David sent his men with his condolence. Instead of appreciation, he listened to his men doubting David's goodness, put to shame David's men. V3-4. Though greatly humiliated, David stayed calm and told his men to stay at Jericho till they were restored. Then return back to serve Him. V5. In times of victory, we should not take grace for granted but seek wise counsel before we act. We must always be discerning and listen to the right voice.

The principle here is that we should not decide by what we hear but with justice and righteousness of the Lord. Isaiah 11:3.

It was a severe mistake to offend David, as they were too weak for David's army of Israel and in desperation despite hiring the Arameans, they were defeated by David's army when he launched the counterattack. V14-15.

The principle here is not to fear and panic in times of defeat but to encourage your team to be strong and fight bravely for the people and the cities of our God. V13. This is the key to crush Satan's weapon of humiliation and discouragement. When we proclaim God's name in our anguish, we become an overcomer. The people and our possessions do not belong to us. We are only stewards. Nothing belong to us as proclaimed by David all the time. 1 Chronicles 29:14. We can overcome our adversaries only with the tools of confidence, encouragement and the right strategies of the Lord, knowing that the battle we fight belongs to the Lord and we are only His instruments. He will win the victory for us and vengeance is from Him. Isaiah 54:17. Our hope in Him will never be disappointed. Romans 5:5.

The king's heart is in the hands of the Lord. He directs us the watercourse to take wherever and whenever He pleases. Proverbs 21:1. How then can anyone understand His ways? Proverbs 20:23. God be praised.

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