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11 August 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: How good it is to sing praises to our God. How pleasant and fitting it is to praise Him. Psalm 147:1. The Lord takes delight in those who fear Him who put their hope in His unfailing love.

Many Christians have been held captive by the smaller demons of fear. Fear seemed a big thing to everyone especially in this endemic but if you open your spiritual eyes you will find there seemed to be more prisoners than there were demons in the evil army. We need to war against the demons of fear to set the captives free.

Jesus has set us free to give us freedom. Galatians 5:1. Yet we allow the demons of fear who are so few in number to hold us captive again and again. If Christians were to use their spiritual weapons, they could easily free themselves and do great damage to the entire evil horde who are riding on Christians to cause division in the church. Instead Christians marched submissively along and black vultures called depression are hovering over the Nations with their vomit condemnation. The power of deception had been stronger since the pandemic with the intention of weakening the church. So it's time to strengthen this army of God.

Christians ought to understand the strategies of the enemy at this stage. Their intention is to hold them captive by causing division in the church that would render the church powerless and ineffective. They subtly moved into the mind of Christians to cause division in the church. The power of the accuser of brethren is strengthened when Christians agree with the ways of the devil. The accuser of brethren can only succeed through the deception of Christians into believing that they were being used by God by quoting scriptures perverting them in a way that justify their bitterness, slander or other satanic influence they were spreading.

To release the prisoners from demons of fear should be our primary initiative. The Trojan horse needs to be exposed so that God's army will be always on the winning side. It's time to gather as an assembly to use the correct spiritual weapons to set Christians free from demons of fear. Let's pray against the vomit of condemnation which Christians agree with the enemy that it's the truth of God thinking that it was the army of God. There has been confusion between fear of God and fear of men and fear of the enemy. It's time to straighten these at the throne room of God.

It's time to learn that God's army is greater than the army of fallen angels. Therefore we should not fear but stand to fight for His kingdom, for truth and for those who have been deceived. It's time to pray that Christians be awakened that they have been deceived. On their own the evil army cannot survive. They can only win if Christians stand on their side. So we have to exercise every caution to be careful and join God's army so that together we will win the war. Only the United can stand. God be praised.

Prayer: Heavenly Father guide me the ways to go. Help us to make the right choice. Help me to be an instrument to strengthen your army. Help us to conquer fear and accuser of brethren which has enticed God's army. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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