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8 Sept 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: What is desirable in your eyes may not be desirable in God's eyes. All things are lawful for us but not all things are profitable. 1 Corinthians 10:23. We though many are one bread and one body for we are partakers of that one bread. V17. Therefore, God called us to unite together as one body and be truthful and loyal, committed to one goal to edify one another for the glory of God. He who called you is faithful.

Love is the greatest gift that God has given to us for it surpasses all and do not fail to accomplish the tasks ahead of us. We can only increase when we seek Him daily. Matthew 6:33.

No work is hard nor the vision achievable with intrinsic motivation. Do not be unduly influenced by man or you will divert from your vision and mission God commanded you to do. Do not be at the mercy of friends and associates. You never know whom you can trust. Our trust in in the Lord. Psalm 94:11 man's efforts no matter the skill is futile.

Relationship can be built for ages but can be easily destroyed by one deception. Our relationship can be hindered by insecurity and suspicion. So, we should not listen to these voices of resistance but have determination to eliminate them from our thoughts. We tend to be side tracked by pride, prestige, power and control. Pandemic is to stop such emotions at its tracks and to seek Him to do the simple things in life which earn us greater honor like Rahab who is saved by the fire to live up to this day. She was able to discern the power of God from the power of the enemy and in the process saved herself and her own family. She knows the God of impossible that can move the mountains to enable her to sit in silence under His refuge until she hears His still small voice of assurance of the impossible instead of the voice of panic. Make God your provider of security. Mark 9:23.

What can stumble you from the emotional competency of intrinsic motivation is to make rash decisions at boiling point of your life that caused you to surrender to the giants in your life - anger the root of which is inferiority and low esteem. When you place your confidence in the Lord, your feet will be not be ensnared by these roots of destruction in your life. Proverbs 3:26. Anger is brewed overtime. It starts with resistance, then towards resentment and bitterness which spreads all over the soul like cancer over the body. When we fail to arrest these emotions, it forms our thoughts deterring us from progress that later forms our character rejecting even the good that are placed on our lap, bringing us doom of failure. God be praised.

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