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8 November 2021 Word by Senior Pastor, Ps Darien Choo

Today’s Inspiration: Jesus told the disciples to stay in Jerusalem till the gift our Heavenly Father promised, the Holy Spirit will come to baptise us with power and we shall be witnesses to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8.

Remember we cannot be used by God without a surrendered heart and a yielding spirit. Jerusalem speaks of our innermost being, our hearts. Nothing moves without God moving our hearts for His purpose and lead us by His Holy Spirit. Prayer keeps God’s Word flowing inside us, not just to give us faith but to expel sins and keep the devil out of our temple (body) and house (family).

Christ’s love is always intentional, sacrificial and compassionate. He reminds us as disciples not to get entangled or fight over earthly things but to focus on God’s kingdom purposes and eternal values. Colossians 3:3. Life is a gift from God and Time is the His Wisdom. We must not waste time on “things” but spend time with “people”.

The devil today is capturing many on games, violent movies, addictions and negative media, wasting life and causing mental oppressions. Guarding our eye gates is important and spiritual. We have to pray for our Nation’s mental and emotional wellness as top priority and break all bondages and strongholds that are hindering our communication, communion and relationship with God, self and others.

Prayer: O Lord My God, captivate my mind and heart that I may do your will and purpose for your glory. Let me use your gift of life and time to share Christ, win souls and make disciples for the Kingdom. Anoint us that we shall plunder hell and populate the Heavens, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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