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6 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God does not measure a man's success by his wealth, riches, possession, intellect and power but the attitude of his heart. Where the heart is, there your treasure is. Luke 12:34.

God desires to always place His spirit into your heart to motivate you to follow His decrees to keep the Law. Ezekiel 36:27. Our eternal life should be valued more than riches of the world.

The heart is where the treasure is and it is the heart where God searches and it is the mind that God examines. Choices are made based on our heart and our mind. Our choices determines our reward. Scripture says He rewards a man according to his conduct and according to what his deeds deserve. Jeremiah 17:10.

Satan can only deceive us through our mind. He knows man's weakness of covetousness and what God has commanded Adam and Eve. Taking advantage of man's frailty in covetousness, he questioned God's goodness for withholding one tree which is not the tree of life but the tree of knowing good and evil which actually man cannot handle without God. God knows that man cannot overcome Satan without the power of the Holy Spirit, therefore he prohibits an independent life but a life in full reliance of the Holy Spirit who alone has power over our life.

As a result of the fall of mankind, men is prone to covetousness. Jesus taught us to guard against all kinds of greed and taught us that life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. Luke 12:15. He gave a parable of vineyard workers in Mt 20:15 demonstrating a principle that we cannot envy others' position and riches neither can we question Him for giving other people more status and riches for no one can question the owner of his right to do what he does with the money. What He desires of us is to multiply the resources of what He has given to us in the rightful manner. He values excellence and diligence in growing our resources. Until we are faithful in little things, He cannot grant us greater things. Matthew 25:23. If we cannot be a good steward of people's resources, how can He entrust us with the treasures of the Kingdom? Luke 16:11-12.

Satan also tested Jesus for covetousness of wealth, riches, reputation and power. Matthew 4:5-9. In failing to do so, he left him for a while. Satan knew that Jesus could not be easily tempted so he worked on his disciples Judas who betrayed him for thirty pieces of silver.

If Satan cannot get at you, he will work on those closest to you. So it's essential to teach our loved ones against covetousness, the cause of man's downfall. It does not pay to be covetous.

Only a clean heart of good stewardship will multiply the resources God bestowed upon you and prevent you from suffering famine. Ezekiel 36:28-29. God be praised.

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