4 June 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling fear of the Lord. Psalm 2:11. Serve the Lord as directed by Him. God is calling us to a time of prayer, a time of bonding with Him. He talks with us and we respond back to Him and so on.

With one staff Moses can do so much wonders before men to give glory to God name. What is in your hand that He can use to perform the set of miracles you need? Offer it to Him. He can use these as tools beyond your comprehension. Joshua uses worship as His source of defence and strategy for warfare. So does David.

Worship has therefore power to put fear in the hearts of the enemies to topple them. Worship brings us confidence and humble submission to God's enablement. James 4:7. We can't go beyond worship. Joshua destroys Jericho with worship and shouts of victory. God used our mouth to proclaim victory and it was so like the days of Joshua. God therefore can use our mouth to proclaim that because of the blood of Jesus we are redeemed from the hands of the devil. Therefore whatever you need, use your mouth to proclaim you have received it and it will be done for you. Matthew 15:28.

Jesus told the disciples that the outcome of their declaration depends on their faith and how confidently they speak to their situation. Luke 17:6. By our confident declaration, we are telling God that we entrust our problems into His hands and we need not worry anymore. Our faith matters to God. He solves our problems through our faith. How much we trust Him is measured by our faith declaration. Do not allow turbulent thoughts to influence your mind to doubt. A weak-willed man cannot receive what he desires. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord with You we have eternal life and will not perish. Grant me the grace of Your healing power that all be well with me. My desire is not Your desire. I submit to Your will. Your will is to show me Your glory therefore my heart trusts in You without wavering. As Your word says I will have whatever I desire. Let it be fulfilled. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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