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27 July 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Just as Jesus gives us a choice to follow Him to be saved, we cannot pressure our children to be saved but to speak of what God has done for mankind including us. Deuteronomy11:18-21. We are the preacher wherever we go. If parents do not live according to His word we have every chance to turn our children away from God. We live as one personality in church and another at home. To them it's hypocrisy. If we do not develop relationship with our children and leave it to others, we are just sending signals that they are not important thereby enticing them not to respect you. This accounts for many broken homes today and less of the younger generation turning to Christ.

What distinguished us from the world is that all our prayers are answered because He is pleased with us. This is what the Communion between Moses and the Lord entails. Exodus 33:17. The Lord showed Moses His glory by hiding him at the cleft of the rock. Why is Moses always going up in the mountain? This is where God dwells. The higher you go the further you are from the schemes of the enemy. The closer your relationship with God the further you are from the enemy.

Do not allow the enemy to harass you that God is not near you to help you. This is his way of drawing you away from the plans God has for you. When the Holiness of God is present, the enemy has no chance to resist what God planned for us. This is why Moses often wants to be present with God to hear His heart of the next move He has for His people. This way, Moses was so effective as a deliverer for Israel.

Jesus did the same thing. He followed the daily agenda of the Lord. Prayerfulness in solitude is the best devotional time with the Lord where your senses are sharpened and you hear clear instructions from the Lord for the next process. God be praised

Prayer: Lord I yield to Your commission and trust You be with me. May You give me the desires of my heart and make all my plans succeed as I followed your agenda each day. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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