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26 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God is assuring you of your calling. He has called you and His call is eternal. You will succeed in the mission He commissioned you to do. Isaiah 48:15.

Success lies not in your drifting of your boat to and fro. Success lies in you taking a step of faith to navigate your life even through heavy storms of life. When you quit by hanging up your nets, you will idle your life away. Time is precious.

God is about to reveal to you new things, hidden things that are unknown to you. They are created now and not long ago. You have not heard nor understood. Isaiah 48:6-7. When Apostle Peter encountered Jesus, God opened his eyes and ears to see who He is, resulting in his inability to withstand His presence and causing him to bow his knees to admit that he was a sinner and asked Jesus not to draw near.

You can never escape God's calling when it's His appointed time. Answering His call maybe fearful because of the uncertainties ahead but isn't life full of uncertainties and every step you take is a step of faith? You can choose to serve God or choose to serve your self desires. Therefore persevere despite difficult times. Perseverance is a continuing process that leads to patience and maturity. When times are tough, it is during this time you know that God has very much in store for you and the devil is trying to hinder you to navigate your life even through storms of life. It's your faith that will lead to your inheritance of His promises. Therefore commit your ways to the Lord and He will guide you to success. God be praised.

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