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25 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Whatever God purposed it shall stand. Who can thwart His purpose? Whatever He desires He will do. Who can stop Him? Isaiah 14:27.

No one could predict that we have entered into uncharted territory in 2020. It has shocked the world with uncertainties and instabilities. This rapid change had taken many by surprises. It is an inescapable reality. We no longer can operate like the past of overhauling the old foundations. A total dismantling of past reactions, which is the foundation of life is compulsory to give way to a newly created vessel. The flesh must totally die and be replaced. Do not dwell on the past. Isaiah 43:18.

Our vision of the Kingdom is too small. What seems familiar no longer works for us. God has a greater mission for us and we should not lose sight of it. With Jesus, every day is a day of miracles. With Him is a pocket full of surprises for us. This was the experience His disciples encountered each day as they commit their lives to Jesus to follow Him without wavering. Whatever is not of God can be removed by the power of His creative words through your mouth. Mark 11:23. Whatever you desire you can receive it if your mind is single hearted. V24.

In Christ, no one is too ordinary to be used by Him for extraordinary tasks. He has no favorites. He does not want us to have favorites too. James 2:1. God has made us to be the best we can be. He does not distinguish between the lowest class with the highest class. Neither should we. When He created us He uttered it was very good. Genesis 1:31. What we want to be depends upon our choice and no more His because of fallen nature of humanity. However, He chose to give us new birth through the words of truth. James 1:18. Would you submit to the control of His Lordship that you might not perish but excel? It's time to ask God for a new compass to direct your life to the next destination. Like what He saw something in Peter we cannot see, He is seeing something in you the world cannot see.

The Lord's presence in your life matters as much as it matters to Apostle Peter. As you navigate your life with Jesus, you will be filled with awe the experience of a continually expanding sphere of competence and influence in your life. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord show me your new compass to navigate in this new world. Let my path be firmly established. Lord You are my Fortress, my God in whom I can trust. In Jesus name Amen.

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