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22 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: From the beginning of creation, God speaks against chaos into Divine order. From our mother's womb, we have been hearing His voice. But we are distracted by other voices, the voice particularly of our mother than our father. At birth, He calls us forth from the mother's womb and rely on Him. Psalm 71:6. God is therefore consistently speaking to us.

The reason why we cannot hear Him is because we have allowed the lust of the flesh from the enemy's voice to deceive us. Mary advised us in the story of Jesus turning water into wine in John 2:1-4 that whatever He commands we are to execute it and obey it. Whenever He speaks, His creation responds in Genesis 1. What about you? Do you have any doubt?

Doubt according to James 1:6 is a double-minded man. He cannot expect to receive. V7. Only with singleness of heart in trusting Him fully, can we accomplish. Nehemiah spoke forth success to his project despite opposition from the officials Tobiah and Sanballat primarily, he was not moved for He knows whom He serves. Nehemiah 2:20. He also declared that the enemy will not succeed to lay hands on his project. And it was so like God in the beginning of creation.

The words of declaration of belief in God's word goes a long way. He completed the rebuilding in 52 days whilst the Israelites were pondering on the question why God allowed the enemies to deter them when He has directed the rebuilding of the project. God honors the words of our belief and never fails to hear our prayer. Whenever you speak death into life of the project, do not waver in your faith. Hope of building the project is in Nehemiah's mind as he heard of the state of the walls of Jerusalem. It was faith added to his hope that he was empowered success. To respond to the call of God to rebuild the ruins takes great faith and singleness of heart to bring the desolate state into revival of the condition. Mark 11:23. God's voice and our voice integrated together turns chaos into a renovated wholesome life. Are you in a desolate state and do you truly know the One you serve and recognise His voice? Part of His Divine attributes is the power of His voice and the power of our belief to speak forth success into being.

Once we don't doubt, and don't panic but trust the Lord with our whole heart, we will receive what we desire. Mark 11:24. God be praised.

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