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20 July 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: In times of severe trial, you might try to project an image of calm acceptance on the outside, yet inside there is intense fear intimidating you and you wonder whether you will able to return to normal life again. This trial was something you have not planned for as you have lived all your life enjoying the fruits of your labor. You are not alone. Many people are in this situation today too. Turn to the Lord in prayer like King Hezekiah Isaiah 38:2. God answered in v4-6 through Isaiah.

King Hezekiah knew no one could deliver him except the Lord and the only way out of the trial is to walk humbly all his years by which is required by men. It's only the Spirit that could give him life and it was for his benefit that he suffered such anguish. In His love, He redeems him from destruction by placing his sins on the Lord's back. V15-17. God gave Isaiah insight of our healing in v17 long before Jesus came to this Earth to die for our sins for our redemption to life everlasting.

Whatever trial we bear, let us hold onto our faith we profess. When it comes to navigating life, it is only the living relationship with our Lord, deepenHebrews 4:14-16 ed and nurtured in prayer, can keep us sustained and upright in the storms of life. takes us to a world that maybe different from ours but while the culture is different, the need isn't and in these words we are given promises that enable us to make sure that our lives have Spiritual ballast. God's compass is the only compass that is eternal in all circumstances regardless of race, language and culture.

God is faithful and true. Don't find an easy way out. Only God can answer and set you free. God be praised.

Prayer: O Lord God, like King Hezekiah, come and answer me and set me free. Show me your wondrous Miracles that I cannot fathom. In Jesus name Amen.

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