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2 Sept 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Our God knows your needs even before you put your request to Him with Thanksgiving. Matthew 6:8. Only heathens pray using vain repetitions asking for needs to be met. V7.

Nehemiah was given a tall order to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem without resources and with no skill or knowledge of doing it. He did not panic praying to God telling all his needs but instead pray to God to be attentive to His prayer and to the prayer of His servants who desire to fear His name and let him prosper in this commission by granting him mercy in the sight of the King to release him for this task. Nehemiah 1:11.

There was no mention of provision for He knows once there is favor with the King whatever he asked for will be granted. His success lies in this prayer therefore when his work was threatened, he was not perturbed but confidently proceed with the work and completed the work within schedule.

Whatever you are about to do, don't have fear as it blocked the floor of God's river flowing to you. Fear is a spiritual blockage of life that stops provision flowing to you. How many times have you been on the verge of receiving the provision and the next moment you find you cannot reach it?

When you fear lack, you will stop the flow of river that connects you to God. When you feel you have just have enough no matter how much you receive, it's a sign that you have exceeded your spending. What will keep flowing finances to you is to spend enough on yourself, and be able to give away to God and to help those in need. This connects your river to God.

Man needs living water to bear fruit. Psalm 1:2 first you must connect to God by delighting and meditating on His law day and night so that you shall be like a tree that brings forth fruit in its season whose leaf shall not wither and whatever you do shall prosper. V3. So ask with the right motive and you shall not lack supply. God be praised.

Prayer: But You O Lord are a shield for me a present help in times of need. I cried out to You and You heard me from Your holy mountain. I shall never have lack of anything. Amen.

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