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12 May 2022 Word by Snr Pastor, Ps Darien Choo

Today’s Inspiration: “The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom. Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom; it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy. The glory of Lebanon will be given to it, the splendor of Carmel and Sharon; they will see the glory of the Lord, the splendor of our God.” Isaiah‬ ‭35:1-2.‬ ‭These were the shouts of joy for the redeemed of the Lord. If God can restore the deserts of the land, nothing is impossible for Him to rebuild the land of the deserted.

Jesus said,” I have come to call forth the sinners and not the righteous.” The Church today needs a spiritual awakening and shaking due to its lukewarmness and prayerlessness. Revelation 3:16. Jesus’s joy comes from the burden for souls, healing of the sick and providence of the poor. Spiritual death comes from comfort zone, complacency and conceitedness. “You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Revelation‬ ‭3:17.‬ Isn’t this the downfall signs of many affluent societies and nations? Our Nation must have the fear of the Lord and so does the body of Christ and our families. It’s time for the sleeper to awake! Return to your first love, the salvation of your soul, the travail of intercessory fervour. For those who are hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness, they shall be filled! Matthew 5:6. Praise God!

Prayer: O Lord my God, forgive me of my complacency and lack of trust in your word. Let my heart have a burden for souls that I may win them to Christ. Rekindle the fire within me with thy Holy Spirit once again, purify my heart from the world, wash me clean and use me as your vessel of honour and be witness of your power. Give me a new measure of faith, I pray, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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