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12 July 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: The word must be established in our hearts as that which produces reverence to the Lord. Psalm 119:38. How powerful is God's word in our life when we love according to His word. His word enters our heart to produce a conviction and changes our perspective to His perspective to empower us to do things that are beyond us.

To facilitate spiritual growth the word must be read with much understanding as to pave the way for conviction to follow His ways. Scripture moulding must be our conviction but above all application of the word in our daily life takes priority. We need to learn inspiration from the word to walk with Him until we are Christlike. Nothing should take the place of the word. Without understanding of the word, we read it only for knowledge. Change is impossible because there is no understanding that qualifies conviction and application.

Discipleship must be emphasized in our training, in our conversation and interaction and in our exhortation. Personal revival cannot take place if there is no hunger to seek God the way to live with Him. God always connects us with individuals that can flock together in a harmonious spirit to the cause of the Gospel. A plan without appropriate execution is bound to fail.

So let us develop a disciple-making environment that inspires spiritual growth. If all of us play a part by involving in personal mentoring one to one which bond us together, there will be spiritual multiplication. Spiritual multiplication is contagious and spread very fast. It creates hunger in people for more of God and receiving more of His love to love your disciples and those God send to your path.

Love is a spiritual fruit that determines the spiritual growth of the whole tripartite man. Jesus ministry easily multiplies because his impartation is with clarity and convict the hearts of many who started drawing others to Him to be beneficiary of the same virtue thereby creating a certain kind of congregation. Look at the multitudes that follow Jesus. It's not so much of the miracles He performs though it has its role to convince that He is the messiah. More important is that the message is so clear that it causes as person to change overnight for the betterment of his soul. The soul must prosper before everything within us can prosper whether in health or finances. 3 John 2. So seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness that day by day we add the numbers to facilitate spiritual multiplication. Matthew 6:33. God be praised.

Prayer: Father send me people that are available, faithful and teachable so that I can create a disciple making environment to be fruitful and multiply. In Jesus’ name

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