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10 December 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God has not forgotten us. He is always drawing men unto Him and His heart yearns for them and will have mercy on them even despite their rebellion. Jeremiah 31:20. This is the extent of unconditional love He has for His children which are immeasurable. Romans 8:39. God's delay in answering your prayer is not denial. The enemy will do anything to prevent answers to prayers. Despite this, keep believing, keep praying and be steadfast in your faith. God always hears the prayers of the righteous and will respond appropriately. James 5:16. Whatever is yours, no one can steal from you.

Worry and fear step in at the slightest pain and our imagination run wild. It's dangerous when we keep focusing on our pain and look at circumstances instead of looking at the majestic God who is now the mediator of the New Covenant and judge of the whole world. Turn your eyes upon Jesus the author and perfector of your salvation. Hebrews 12:2. God does not need our help to turn around a situation. He just chooses to do it at the appropriate time.

Always have faith in God who always makes a way for His people to tread on safe ground for He who called you is holy and He will do what you desire. The one who doubts, worry and fret will get nothing from Him for God loves only those who believe in Him without wavering. We must always consider every situation in the light of His promises and a great God we serve. Our thinking determines our attitude and behavior. Only a steadfast heart received answers to prayers readily. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord, I know your plans and Your love for me are much greater and deeper beyond my understanding. Help me to look at my situation in terms of a greater blessing beyond my imagination. Help me to know that You will work out my situation in ways too wonderful beyond my description. Guard the door of my lips and let my mind and heart be in agreement with each other. In Jesus name amen.

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