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1 January 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins. Proverbs 10:12. It is easy to get into negative emotions, but it takes a long process to kick them out. If we realise the consequences of negativity that can ruin our life and our relationships, it is easier to have self-control. Many do not realise that we were created for relationships and if we keep breaking those relationships, we have broken Communion with God because relationship starts from the heart of God to us then to others.

As we enter this new year, a year of empowerment beyond measure, a year of impartation of the gifts we have to the younger generation to move along with us in ministry, it will be a year of fruitfulness. Souls in this generation can only be won with a prophetic word from the Lord to convict the hearts to repentance and to surrender their lives to Him for He is the only way to truth and life. John 14:6.

Health should be our priority this year for with health, we can perform wonders for God. We are destined for signs and wonders. Isaiah wrote this, so did Mark who wrote that signs and wonders will follow believers in Jesus Christ. Isaiah 8:18, Mark 16:17. To whom would you serve?

Prophetic and creative evangelism is also necessary to enhance God's visitation and conviction of souls to repentance. Nothing can replace repentance and forgiveness is the catalyst that hastens our breakthrough in life, irrespective of whatever breakthrough you need. Forgiveness is the bridge to reconciliation.

Let us make a resolution this new year to avoid toxic thoughts of anger, resentment, vengeance, self-destructive talks, self-pity and whatever the stress maybe, so that our body will not secrete chemicals and hormones that attack our health and peace. The inner doubts of fear must be conquered by the antidote of love that casts out fear. 1 John 4:18. The ability to handle stress is one of the most powerful tools to create an inner climate conducive to better health and wealth. Year 2021 is a year of a closer walk with Jesus, conveying things that are troubling our heart and seeking His way out of affliction which has proven to be of greater value than our ways. Many people did not die of diseases they bear, but by the attitude towards the treatment of diseases. In the same way we don't die of lack, but the threats behind the lack. Therefore, let us make it our resolution in this new year to immunise our thoughts to think positively of what may come and to watch and pray against the enemy who prowls to threaten our existence in Jesus name. The horse is prepared for battle, but Deliverance is from the Lord. Proverbs 21:31. God is praised in all respects.

Prayer: Hear, O Lord You are my helper and sure reward. In You I put my trust. Let me never be ashamed, deliver me in Your righteousness. In Jesus name, Amen.

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