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With God all things are possible

By: Samantha Wong

For 15 years, my job requires me to travel extensively to develop the global market. I need to attend trade shows, exhibitions and meetings all over the world almost every month to bring in the business deals. Though it is wonderful and interesting, it is also demanding, physically and mentally exhausting. Most of all it takes me away from spending quantity and quality time with my growing up girls. In a blink of an eye, my daughters are already 19, 18 and 14 years old.

For all these past years as they were growing up, I was busy juggling with life ... we grew further and further apart. We had nothing much to communicate about and I often even feel out of place amongst them when I was back home in between the travels... It was ironic, I longed to be at home yet .... I did not belong at home. I felt God has a plan for all of us during the world’s lockdown in Covid-19 especially for me where I have the opportunity to experience home life with my teenagers since I could not travel overseas for business meetings but work through zoom at home. Despite the traumatic shock of Covid-19 that takes the world by surprise, God truly turned around my situation thereby fulfilling Romans 8:28. Romans 8:28, NLT: "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." I was able to spend more time doing activities with the children. In these few months, the mountains of ice that were built up over the years melted and now there is much harmony, laughter and bonding at home.

On Watchnight of 31st December 2020, Rev Alicia shared that the year 2020 is a year of shut down to rethink, revalue and reset, it is rebuilding the Foundation... I could affirm this statement with me and my family.

Another huge breakthrough is my eldest daughter Victoria graduated from Higher Nitec ITE in June this year. At that time COVID was at its peak but thank God, He blessed her immediately with a great job as a Digital Ambassador. Her role is to help Senior Citizens and Hawkers to adopt e-payment and use digital devices like smart phones, laptops etc.

Jesus even puts her at the head and not at the tail. (Dt 28:13). Among so many Digital Ambassadors, she was appointed to be the Ambassador of the Ambassadors. Whenever there were media interviews, like Tv, radio, newspapers etc regarding the government's digital initiatives, she would be the spokesperson.

In her job dealing with the seniors, I also see an amazing personality growth. She has evolved to be a very patient, kind and compassionate young lady, going the extra mile sacrificing her own time and also money to help the seniors. It’s such a huge transformation from the rebellious, argumentative, runaway teenager who used to give me trauma not too long ago...

This inward change can only be of GOD’s. With the transformation of attitude, God further blessed her with another great assignment as her one- year contract ends as Digital Ambassador. He blessed her to enrol successfully into the Work and Learn Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management at ITE. The criteria for enrolment for the course is not too easy, as she needed to write to a given list of hotels and only if she is shortlisted and recruited, can she take the course. From the list of hotels, she was also only allowed to choose 4 hotels to submit her resumes to. Thank God she received 3 replies and went for the interviews.

By grace and favour of God, she did well during the interviews and two of the Hotels offered to hire her which means she could even choose which of the 5- star hotels to work with. With her successfully landing of the job, her full 2 and half year Diploma is fully sponsored.

God is a prayer-answering God and His mercies and love for His children endures forever. I give all praises to God. I also like to take this opportunity to thank Rev Alicia for her mentoring and all the prayer warriors who have kept my family and me in prayers. Since April this year after joining TCC, and also attending the Father Me Ministry, I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs especially in my family life.

To God be all the glory.

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