Ladies’ Ablaze Fellowship -Samantha Wong’s Testimony

I am writing to testify of God's grace and goodness.

Years ago, I bought a commercial property in Malaysia which did not go according to what was promised by the Developer.  In fact, the developer wound up and I got stuck with a property that I could not find someone to buy or rent.  Worse of all, every month it was chalking up high maintenance charges to the building management. 

Vacant for years, I was trying my best to sustain the monthly bank mortgages plus monthly recurring maintenance payments.  It was so draining and exhausting that I stopped paying last September 2019.  I had temporary reprieve up until 2 weeks ago when I was served a Demand Letter from a lawyer engaged by the management office to demand the arrears.  To my horror, the amount plus late charges came to around 44,000 Malaysian ringgit.  Fear overcame me, how am I to settle the amount?  I also was full of self-condemnation over this decision years back of buying the property that has been causing me sleepless nights and anxiety.

In my stressed and depressed state, I reached out to Reverend Alicia and friends in Christ for prayer support.  All responded very quickly to my cry for help. Reverend Alicia also rallied the prayer group to intercede for me.

Meanwhile, I appealed to the lawyers, requesting waivers of late payment and request for an installment plan to pay up over time, while believing that God will intercede and bring me out of the situation. I did that still worried because they have the right to insist on full lump sum payment plus interest.  

A few days later, I received a reply from the lawyers, they acceded to my request of waiving all the late charges which comes to 6000 ringgit alone, and also allow me to pay the sum in parts over 15 months.  Thank God for His mercy and grace.  

Then I was believing in God that He will somehow supply me the funds.

And suddenly I recalled I parked some money years back in a Malaysian bond fund. Out of blue, I called my banker to ask how it was doing. Unbeknownst to me, it got a yield of 23000 ringgit because of the turmoil in the world now, the bond did even better.

Now I still need to pay but with the waiver plus the gains from the bond fund, it is no longer 44000 ringgit but around 12000 ringgit.

I believe all these are miraculous works of the Lord to sustain and supply me.

Right now, I am trusting for a miraculous breakthrough in the situation, to provide me a buyer or tenant for the property. 

For years I saw no light but there’s now a glimmer of hope with the recent confirming that the RTS rail project will resume linking Singapore to Johor and one of the stops is quite near the property.

All glory to God.

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