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9 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: We always wondered why some of our prayers received instant answers and others take a long time. David was no exception. He cried for mercy to the Lord to heal him as his soul is greatly anguished with intense pain in his bones and wondered why God took so long to answer his prayers. Psalm 6:2-3. At a time like this, nothing matters except the mercy of God.

Mercy is God's provision for our sins and failures. Mercy sees us in the misery of our shortcoming and responds with forgiveness and cleansing. And God's response is always one of Grace. He does not respond to our need neither to our merit. In reflection, we always find ourselves so self centered that only in times of desperation we seek God. This is the frailty of humanity. When our problems are resolved, we don't need God. Our family, our possessions and the pursuit of riches and health becomes our priority.

Today's covid-19 is one example where threats of health and wealth and uncertainties of life hit both rich and poor alike, the prideful and the humble. It's a test of faith on humanity.

Effective prayer does not depend on how good our prayer is or how prayerful we are but to the willing power of God. When we pray, we must have the mentality that prayer is about coming to the throne of Grace with our need with the objective to find a Father who responds in mercy and Grace. When we pray, we must align ourselves with God's purpose by seeking Him to find a perspective on reality that reorders our entire understanding of life. When we pray, we must draw closer to God in humility and dependence rather than justification of our underserved pain so that we can discover a fundamental of life stated by James that only the humble finds grace from God as we submit ourselves to God and resist the enemy's voice that takes us away from God. James 4:6-8.

The reality of life is that when we think we are secure with a blessed family and a good job and contrary to our expectation, suddenly our boat showed a leak causing us to sink that we value God in our life. This is the truth of humanity.

We should never be lulled to complacency even if our boat seemed safe. A good example is Peter an experienced fisherman in Luke 5:8-11 who suddenly caught no fish all night. In his encounter with Jesus he suddenly come to a realisation that his provision in life is about the grace and mercy of God and not about his own excellence. We are all prone to focus on outward appearance for reality. But there will come to a time where, as we navigate through life, we are faced with a storm that is too strong for us to navigate.

Covid-19 outbreak is a sudden storm that hit the whole world and the church by surprise where we have not prepared our spiritual ballast. In the midst of public success, we do experience private failure in the things that mattered most in life. God is preparing us for a radical course of alteration in our life if we are to go with the flow of the spirit in this decade. This is the time not to ponder if we will fail to reach the goal but are we having the wrong goal in life? Are you pursuing God for His spiritual navigational device or using your own natural understanding to navigate through life in this decade?

Now is the time of seeking God for the next move in life. With God all things are possible. God be praised!

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