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8 July 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God is the author of Divine order and not an author of confusion and evil. It is the Sovereign Lord who helps you and sustain you. It is the devil who accuses you and condemn you. Isaiah 50:8-9.

Do not dwell in your spirit, words of condemnation for whatever you believe it will come to you. Proverbs 23:7. Likewise if you believe if your faith even as small as a mustard seed can do wonders for you, if you ask the mountain of problems to be removed, they will be removed from you. Nothing will be impossible for those who believe. Matthew 17:20. Joshua was able to perform wonders in conquering Jericho because he believes God's word will perform what were uttered from the mouth of God to him in Joshua 1:5 & 9. The word that grants him assurance of victory was that God's presence will be with him wherever he goes. As a result of his faith, the people believed in him that caused them to utter that whatever he commanded them they will do and wherever he sends them, they will go only if the Lord his God be with him as He was with Moses. V16-17. How important is God's presence! God's presence is normally illustrated by the good fruit of the spirit in you through your attitude, behavior and character as well as your action. People will not follow a leader who has no confidence and who does not have assurance of victory in their spirit. We can identify this through our spiritual discernment which is so essential in one's life. God be praised.

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