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5 May 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Mark 8:22-26 Jesus healing of a blind man was not immediate but in stages and outside the town. This shows that our spiritual enlightenment needs a maturing process and a life set apart for God for Him to nurture us individually, spiritually and emotionally. Saying the sinner's prayer is only the beginning. This is followed by our conversion as God takes away our spiritual blindness and gives us light. As our faith, obedience and growth develops, we have deeper understanding of God's spiritual truth. Hence the road to maturity requires a healing process and not immediate.

Spiritual understanding takes time. We need to exert great efforts to delve into the word of God deeply and explore the spiritual significance of the word rather than read them in the natural context. This will depend on our intimacy and relationship with God.

The closer we are with God the more knowledge of His heart's desires are acquired. Even when Jesus demonstrated His principle of multiplication of bread to feed the multitude, when there is lack, the disciples panicked. Jesus asked 'How is it they do not understand His ways? Many of us are like that.

We have seen miracles performed by Jesus in the past yet when there is recurrence of adversity we panicked and doubt. What is the spiritual significance behind this scenario? Our faith tend to waver and should not expect to see signs and wonders. To see the manifestation of miracles we need to put our full trust in the Lord. We ought to remember we are not a human being with a body but the minute we are born again we are no longer human being but a spiritual being with a body. Therefore we are led by the spirit and walk by the spirit. Hence we can move mountains of doubt and adversity. Mark 11:23. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord open our eyes to see what You have in store for us. May we not reason with our human understanding but spiritual understanding of what You intend to do to light up our path. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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