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23 March 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Though we do not like the crisis that brought us to a crossroad, we need to know that it's God's way of testing how we react to a certain problem that so enticed us to anger. This is one way of God moving us forward to a greater destiny and it is His way of training us for battle. Psalm 144:1.

Crisis is God's training ground for a greater calling. Would you flee or fight to emerge as God's soldier that would lead to you leading a mighty army in the future?

When we are put to shame, do we hide like Adam and Eve or do we stay to see God's hand in the trauma working all things out for good like Joseph. Often, we are thrown out of the nest and we are too afraid because we do not know if we are able to fly out on our own.

It's when we are thrown out that we are compelled to sort things out with God only to receive answers to forgive. Kingdom power rides on the waves of kingdom passion.

It's always God's desires for us to pursue harmonious relationships. If God did not take away my dad suddenly without a word as he sleeps his ways through to eternity, I would be fully dependent on him for advice throughout my career. This loss is painful yet looking back I knew God has a greater destiny for me as my books reach out to Nations far and wide besides Singapore and even are used as training materials by pastors to their flock. God's ways are higher than our ways. His mercy triumphs over judgement.

I thank God for all those who were witnesses to launch my latest book Honey in the Rock for a good cause last weekend and your contributions to the ministry of slum students in India is greatly appreciated. As you are the outcome of other people's investment, may you invest in the lives of these children by at least buying a copy of our book ‘Honey in the Rock’ so that they too will be outcome of your investment in the future. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord help me to make every effort to pursue harmonious relationships with others as You did with me so that whatever I do is a reflection of Your Divine attributes. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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