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16 July 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Though we know that God's command is love with a pure heart and a clear conscience, our emotions often failed us miserably. Mark 12:29-31 speaks of man's responsibility to love God and each other. When we do so, we are one in the spirit like David's relationship with Jonathan. Jonathan loved David as much as his own life or soul. Jonathan's love for David was so deep in his soul that it is more than the love of a biological brother. When both of them made a covenant with each other, they become knitted together in their soul and Spirit and love each other as much as they love their own lives. This means they have same thoughts and felt responsible for each other the same way they each felt for themselves.

Their commitment to each other was bound by their covenant. Our soul is our life. Our soul is the most important function to unite or make connection. Hence when it makes connection with the spirit, it communicates through inner sense of consciousness. The body by the five senses, the soul by the mind and the spirit by the heart meet and communicate with each other at a point called conscience.

Hence conscience is an important component of our life because it acts as witness and discerner of all things. It is this conscience that judges or condemn us. Conscience is the voice piece of the spirit and the soul. Our self destructive talk comes from our conscience. Matthew 12:36-37. Our conscience is a secret box that collects all kinds of information. It's a reminder and a memory bank of all that takes place in our lives. Only forgiveness can clear our conscience and set our spirit free from hatred, guilt, anger and Shame. This is the reason why Jesus teaches so much on forgiveness in Matthew 6:12,14-15 and to love our enemies. It brings health to our spirit and soul. Hatred, anger, bitterness, sorrow, frustration and bad temper are the poisonous enemies of our soul. We must avoid by allowing God to deal with them. The mind may forget but conscience always reminds us of our past traumatic experiences. A man with Good conscience takes responsibility to obey God's word, to resist sins and pursue only the things that pleases God and glorify God. Therefore we need daily devotion and read God's word to always have a clear conscience. It's only the Blood of Christ that can purify and cleanse our conscience. Hebrews 9:14. In Christ we are no longer condemned but holy and righteous in God's eyes. Only Love and a forgiving spirit through Christ can clear our conscience.

With a clear conscience, self control is made easy. Anger kills and is poisonous to our body. Leave angry conscience and take on love. God be praised. Prayer: O Lord God, cleanse my conscience always so that the enemy has no control over it. My soul pants after You.

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