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13 July 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Today's Inspiration: God's principles are eternal for all ages. Disobedience definitely do not inherit a blessing since the time of Adam. For ages, God is always desiring to give an undivided heart and put a new spirit in His people and remove a heart of stone to be replaced with a heart of flesh which commands unity and compassion. Ezekiel 11:19. It's only a compassionate heart that restores. Hardness of heart will bring forth division and destruction.

Therefore when transacting, you must first develop a trusting relationship with a potential client before making a business proposal. Chinese tradition has always emphasised harmony rather than agency and self control so have to have good relations with other people. Even Confucius wrote of the importance of controlling emotions in order to foster more harmonious interactions with other people especially within the family. This evolves around the truth of Love in the two greatest commandment of Jesus on emphasizing love in relation to others in Matthew 22:37-39 and unity in Psalm 133:1-3. So as God's family, we must be in harmony with one another. Before a Gospel is presented, building friendship is important.

Apostle Paul wrote to young Timothy to keep reminding the church to warn them before God against quarrelling about words, that have no value that only ruins those who listen. So be careful what you listen to. 2 Timothy 2:14. Speak only the voice of God the Father who is speaking through you. Matthew 10:20. So listen to the voice of the Spirit not the voice of fear, anger, deception or rejection etc. If they don't listen, then Jesus says we should leave it and take back our peace. Mark 10:13. God be praised.

Prayer: God grant us Your peace and patience in dealing with my relationship with people that I might not sin against You. In Jesus name Amen.

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