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11 August 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: We tend to work on Romans 12:2 without working on Romans 12:1. Without the application of Romans 12:1 we will find difficulty in fulfilling Romans 12:2. As God has given us His best gift, His one and only son Jesus to be sacrificed on the cross, that we can draw near to Him, He expects us to live our life 24 hours of the day as a living sacrifice. Whatever we do must be an act of worship to Him.

Whatever we do is according to His will. This provides us entrance to His Kingdom.

Commendation from the Lord takes priority over commendation of self and by others. 2 Corinthians 10:17. We should always boast in the Lord. We are not to look at surface of things but explore deeply the roots of all our trials. V7. Unless our faith increased, our areas of activity will not expand. God always rewards us according to our deeds done in faith. Faith without works is dead. Unless we know the profound truths of the Gospel, we will tend to live a life of compromise. Conformity to the world and to deception will make us vulnerable to destruction. But it's His word that heals. Psalm 107:20.

Our belief should be that of Jesus who modelled the life of obedience and listening to His voice like a sheep listening and responding only to the voice of the shepherd. John 10:27. Unless we have His Son Jesus, we do not have life. The Father judges no one but has entrusted all judgement to His Son. John 5:22. As a man walking on Earth, Jesus acts only upon what He hears for He seeks only on what He hears and His judgement is just for He seeks not to please Himself but for His Father who sent Him to this Earth with a redemptive plan for the world. John 5:30.

What are you hearing today? Whatever you hear, start meditating and see the things that are inside of you that requires change and act on it. When there is an inner change, whatever you desire will bear fruit. Matthew 15:28. Just as the Father living in Jesus does the work, now that the spirit lives in you is doing the work and not you yourself so whatever you do will prosper. John 14:10. Believe and you will see His glory. God be praised.

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