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MEN’S MINISTRY:   Men of Valour (M.O.V)

Vision for Fathers:

Raising up Men of Valour to arise from the Cave of Adullum. (1 Samuel 22:2)

Raising men who are in distress, debt and discontent from 1 Samuel 22:2 to Men of Valour in 1 Chronicles 12:8. It's a calling to raise unique group called and chosen by God to be raised as leaders of the army. Men are to be trained to have the fear of the Lord and of high moral ethical standards of integrity, sincerity and honesty before they can qualify to be Davidic commanders.
The world is in chaos, darkness and evil vices, it is time we need godly Men of Valour to arise in the families, ministries as well as marketplace to model Christ’s way, truth and life. God is the Father to the Fatherless. Psalm 68:5 The challenges for men usually lies in isolation, self-dependency and self-righteousness due to pride, self-consciousness and insecurity. It was the first sin of heaven and the earth. This is prone to the enemies’ attack on the lust of flesh, lust of eyes and pride of life. 1 John 2:17 God desires man to overcome by knowing His purpose.
Five-fold purpose:
To lead men into deeper relationship with Christ and greater spiritual effectiveness in the community.
A. Application of His word in all areas of their life
B. Priority to connect with other men for the purpose of community, accountability, conversion and prayer
C. Address major life temptations and/ or crisis according to individual's needs.
D. Invest time and resources into lives of other men one to one connection through shared activities in spiritual mentoring
E. Equip men with spiritual armor to understand biblical manhood and to help build intentional and loving leaders.
We aspire to raise godly Men of Valour from all walks of life to learn Kingdom life, discipleship, leadership, spiritual gifts and callings. God has chosen Men of Valour in the end times to have authority, power and dominion over all evil and sins from the beginning of time. God’s redemptive power, anointing and authority of the Holy Spirit brings provision, protection, peace and posterity for all generations in the Kingdom of God.
Come and join us to be inspired, motivated and aspired to be Godly men, Spiritual Fathers and Disciplers for Jesus Christ.
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