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Counseling and Mentoring

Counselling. What is it about?




To be used by God as the human outlet to render emotional support to those who are in crisis or progressing toward life transitions.



To provide quality therapeutic services and consultancy via counselling, training and development to the community at large.

♥ To empower and equip our counsellees with the necessary skills to be better managers of their lives.
♥ To promote overall mental and physical wellbeing of our counsellees.
♥ To leverage on our expertise to assist our counsellees to discover their strengths and potential.
♥ To provide an opportunity for education to the masses who are keen to acquire an additional skillset to value add their personal and social life.


What is Counselling?

Being part of today’s complex and dynamic society, we are exposed to various types of experiences that may be difficult for us to cope with. While this is part and parcel of life - we managed to get by it most of the time, there might be instances when we ceased to move on due to an unexpected event or situation that we lack the resources to sort things out.

It is not unusual that we seek out probable options by sharing our burdens with family members and friends or anyone who are within our reach. However, should the resolution be futile or insufficient, or there is no suitable person we could approach, or we are just too ashamed or embarrassed to share with people what is bothering us, counselling may be the next possible resource you could consider.

The counsellor comes into the picture as an empathetic listener who will work together with you to find the best possible ways to understand and resolve your problem. We firmly believe that everyone is born with the ability to cope with their problems. This aligns with our mission statement - our role as a counsellor is to empower and equip our counsellees to be better managers of their lives.

In its essence, counselling is a therapeutic relationship between a counsellor and a counsellee. This special relationship could involve two persons or sometimes more when it comes to group therapy. The main objective of counselling is to help counsellees understand their situations, allowing them personal space to air and clarify what they think, assist them to come up with self-formulated goals, and determining their final resolutions to resolve their presenting issues. It represents an arena for support, reflection and renewal – an intervention that is unique in its own way.


Who is Suitable to Attend Counselling?

Counselling is a universal intervention that is suitable for all ages - from children as young as 5 years old, adolescents and adults all the way to the elderly community.


When should you seek a Counsellor?

Of the late, are you at the crossroad, not knowing where you could move on? Or are you struggling with a relationship that had caused you sleepless nights? Have you been feeling low or even losing your sense of direction in life? Have you come across any difficult situations that had left you feeling anxious, stressed up, angry, frustrated or depressed? If you have encountered some of these complex feelings that has affected your daily functioning, perhaps it’s time for you to consider seeking counselling as the initial line of help. Counselling can also be seen as an alternative avenue to gain insights and understanding into difficult situations that lead to your distress.


Types of difficulties may include (but not limited to):

♥ Abuse
♥ Anger
♥ Anxiety
♥ Bereavement
♥ Bullying
♥ Career related
♥ Complicated feelings
♥ Coping with life transitions/changes
♥ Decision making
♥ Depression
♥ Health related issues
♥ Lack of motivation
♥ Loss of direction
♥ Low self-esteem
♥ Negative emotions
♥ Relationship issues
♥ Stress
♥ Any other issues that are bothering you.


Benefits of Counselling

There are numerous benefits that counselling can present. They can be measured in terms of:

♥ One’s ability to better manage or cope with their problems
♥ Self-discovery and healing
♥ An increase in self-confidence and sense of genuiness
♥ Personal development, growth and maturity
♥ Overcoming negative feelings with positive thinking
♥ Increase in motivation
♥ Demonstrated resilience to handle difficult situations
♥ Appreciation of living in the “here and now” - enjoying every moment despite of difficult circumstances
♥ Sharpening one’s ability to make wise choices


Counselling is a bonus and remedy to effective living.


What we offer?

We are open to possibilities of conducting individual or group therapies and training workshops for individuals who are keen to learn more about counselling.


Pastor Carrine’s Biography

Pastor Carrine holds a Master in Counselling from Monash University, Australia. Before she formally enters into ministry, she was with the financial sector for 13 years. Her experience in Christian ministry stems from 2010 during her residency in Norway together with her husband who was posted there on business. She was involved in the women’s ministry and bible study groups within the branch of the Stavanger International Church (SIC). Her passion and interest for people who are emotionally distressed had driven her to pursue post graduate qualification in counselling. She hopes to use her knowledge to benefit those who approach her for help.

At the moment, Pastor Carrine conducts counselling classes and provides face-to-face consultancy to children, youths and adults at TCC Singapore. She is also available for group therapy, training and education should there be a demand.

She defines her greatest achievement as being able to witness her counsellees’ appreciation for the benefits of counselling as they are enjoy the fruits reaped from the process. She desires to see them grow while learning to effect positive changes in their lives.



Pastor Carrine is contactable at +65 9090 1894 should you wish to schedule an appointment with her.