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5 February 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: God will have mercy on whomever He will have mercy, and He will have compassion on whomever He will have compassion. Therefore, it is not of Him who wills not of Him who runs that matters but of God who showed mercy. Romans 9:15-16.

As I reflect back my life, I realised that without His mercy on the mistakes I have made in life, I would not have the honor of serving and running the race well even in the midst of challenges on the verge of collapsing. I have learnt from young not to cross the line set by my dad and mom to avoid a thrashing blow. As I was afraid of pain, I tried to be as obedient as I can. I never knew that the fear of pain caused the enemy to challenge me to a combat with the objective of putting me on the shelf in ministry. I never want to be a burden to my family yet because I fail to take responsibility of my health I become a burden to them in terms of the burden of pleading with God for restoration of health.

The other discipline I learnt from my parents is to respect them and the elders. If we fail to do so, when we grow up, we will have problems with authority figures including our bosses and our pastors. Parent-child relationship is foremost in our life as it is the foundation of future social interaction with society. What we experience in our formative years, whether flawed or not can be seen later in life.

These keys I learn from my parents I believe will spare most parents the agony of defiance by their children when they reach their teens. We must dare to discipline our children or they will be a menace to society eventually. Finally we should model love and discipline in our relationship with our children.

Whether you are a spiritual parent, a teacher or a biological parent, I believe these keys will be useful to you in shaping the lives of the young generation. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord grant me the grace of shaping the lives of the young generation. Guide me in Your love to impart godly and moral values and help me to model them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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