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5 April 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: We are to put off our old corrupted nature at all times and put on the new man which was created according to God in true righteousness and Holiness. Ephesians 4:24. Every creature of God is good and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer. 1 Timothy 4:4-5.

Do not allow our past trials, testings and failures hinder us from moving forward. Persevere with all your might and finish the race well. Let nothing be a stumbling block to your faith.

The flesh inside of us must die before we can grow in Him and be touched by Him as to how to move forward. Many are lost today oblivious to what God is doing to our life. Before His return to the Earth, He is increasing in us in fullness that we might win over the forces that are increasing in measure in the last days just as Christ's nature is increasing in us in the last days. We must recognize who we are and to whom we are serving that we might triumph over darkness. Though we love to be in the light, darkness keep weakening us. Stay in the light so that we will not fall into the hands of the dark force that longs to keep us bound. Keep your lamp burning. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord may Your light increases in us that Your mercy will forever triumph in judgement. Remove any torment and harassment of the demons of infirmity from us that we be made whole in Christ Jesus’ our Lord, Amen.

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