4 July 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: We need to imitate the principle of Abraham's true faith in God who didn't doubt a promise of God even though he knew it was impossible to receive but instead He calls them forth that are not as if they were. He is the father of us all. God eventually perform a miracle and bring it to pass. Romans 4:17, Genesis 21:1-4.

God measures our faith by our certainty of the Promises He gave us and expect us to declare loudly to ourselves till our thoughts carry the image of what He has spoken. Until then, our faith is external and not from the core of our inner being. Some promises fall on Rocky ground because we look at surface of things and not a full trust in God. This is because true repentance is not in us.

True repentance lies not only in our confession from the mouth, which is external (1 John 1:9) but a change after the confession. Change is seen in our change in the inner core of our being by the Holy Spirit's conviction to produce fruit. We can only produce fruit in us and reproduce fruit in others if the Holy Spirit's presence is in us through our consistent reliance on Him.

So let us demolish our old habits where we have been living in the flesh before we know Christ and allow the Holy Spirit to walk with us in the spirit now that we are in Christ, to produce fruit in us and in others that help us to relate to each other in healthy relationships. God be praised.

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