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4 August 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Today's reflection is to question ourselves as to whether we have followed through with our commitment or to quit when we find out desires not fulfilled. Does our attitude help us achieve our vision and mission? What we transmitted reflects our character and attitude and also affect the community around us.

Emotional instability hinders our progress. Instead of recognising an underlying problem in us and examining if the way we react to others helps to inspire a solution, we tend to justify. It might surprise you that Job's reaction to his friends and pleading for justice before God was not pleasing to God but one that demonstrate a prideful character. We are never righteous before God as His standard far surpasses us.

Job's conduct is right before God but God was teaching him a principle of true submission to him in good times and bad times. We cannot justify by our conduct because God looks at something that is deeper that is hidden which we cannot see. James says that we can keep the whole law yet we stumble in one point, we are guilty of all. James 2:10. No matter our status or capability, it will perish in its pursuits and James illustrates through a simple metamorphism of a flower that does not Bloom forever but perished overtime. James 1:10-11. Only what we do for eternal values endures forever and entitles us the promise of a crown of life in eternity. V12

Though God considered Job an upright person, he still has to experience trials in health and wealth. These are two things men values but it's an external value. God desires us to pursue eternal value that is everlasting. He tested us by our gift of faith and our attitude towards God and others. For Job, He was testing him on where Job placed his trust on. Outwardly he appears to be in submission to God but inwardly he showed otherwise by justifying. Therefore, justifying is to tell God that He was not right by not protecting him despite his uprightness. This is a sign of pride which God hates. This is a problem of moral filth which God asked us to lay down. James 1:21.

We must come daily in good or bad times using God's word to check the status of condition of our heart. In this circuit breaker time, it's God calling His people to take His word as a mirror to check our emotional literacy which determines our true character. James 1:23-24. We cannot come to God with our standard but in subjection to Him to His standard. Job's friends perceived that God was dealing with God in some issues but could not perceive what God is awakening Job for. They judge based on what they know. Only when we call upon Him desperately that He revealed unsearchable things in our heart we don't know. Jeremiah 33:3. Addressing symptoms is only a temporary solution.

When God heals, it's eternal. He axed the roots. When God judged Cain it was not the amount of offering he gives to Him but the attitude of giving. We give because we loved and valued Him not because we are compelled to give to Him. When He told him sin is crouching at his door if he does not change his attitude, it means the heart sin he had would lead to greater disaster for him. Genesis 4:7. Where are you now by God's standard? God be praised.

Prayer: O Lord, guide me to your thoughts that I might walk rightly according to Your standard. In Jesus name Amen.

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