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3 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: What looks good on the outside does not mean it's good on the inside. God is greater than our hearts and know all things. If the light within you is in darkness, how great is that darkness! Matthew 6:23. In serving, God desires full conviction and commitment of His calling. No matter how difficult the task, He will go through with you. He gave this assurance to Joshua to lift up his spirits. Joshua 1:5.

Joshua can never imagine the authority God has given to him for he never had been a leader and neither had He perform a miracle. However his strong belief in the great and Almighty God caused him to be convicted by His assurance and committed fully to the call by responding to His commands. He told the remnants of the army to consecrate themselves for the Lord will do amazing things among them at the appointed time which is the next day of their consecration. Joshua 3:5. Because of his conviction and commitment, he was able to be fully dedicated to the Lord for service. Sometimes our serving is according to our availability and not on His time of command. God must be our priority to accomplish abundant Life.

God's set time is important. You cannot go ahead of God's timing even though you feel in the natural there seems no way out. You will fall apart and failed if you go ahead of God timing and hence cannot glorify God.

God always has His timing. He has to bring you to a series of training programs until faith, conviction and character are formed in you before He can use you. Abraham and Sarah had to go through fiery trials to yield to God's way before He could give the promised child. Genesis 18:14 was the promise of a set time for miracle to be manifested. The promise was given in Genesis 15:4 without a set time. Sarah went ahead of God's timing and Abraham yielded to meet his wife's needs but it was not God's way and God's timing. God had to work on their faith and conviction of the implanted word of God before He could award the promised child. Man's nature cannot match God's ways. He works in ways we cannot see. He will perform the impossible for you if you would wait patiently for His set time. Psalm 40:1-4. Though God told you not to be afraid, and assures you that He is your shield and great reward, there is a set time for His promise to come into fulfillment.

God is wanting to bring you to a deeper relationship with Him to know His ways and plans in the process of the fiery trials you are going through. You have to wait for His set time.

Finally Abraham's set time came and Isaac was born. Genesis 21:1-2. Until He chastened, you will not get rid of your old nature of taking things in your own hands. As you are a new creation, you need to remove your own human natural ways and take on God's ways. As His disciples, we must bury our old nature on the day of our salvation and allow God to form His image in us so that our life can be abundant and be filled with miracles. Colossians 3:9-10. God be praised!

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