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28 June 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: The Lord knows every heart. For His eyes are on all our ways. They are not hidden from His face nor iniquity concealed from His eyes. Jeremiah 16:17. In His timing they shall be exposed and convicted to follow the Lord. Flesh should never be our strength. Flesh tempts us to doubt what God can do. Flesh is enmity against God. It's the flesh that always failed us that caused the enemy to torment and harass us. Flesh brings forth the army of familiar spirits that caused a cycle of destruction of relationships.

God searches the heart and test the mind and we are responsible for the consequences of our choices. It's our choice that shapes the destiny of our ministry. We are the fruit of our deeds. Jeremiah 17:10. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is in the Lord. For He will be like a tree that is planted in the water that extend its roots by a stream and will not fear in times of drought but its leaves will ever be green nor fear to bear fruit. It will not be anxious even in times of intense heat. V7-8.

For a tree to be fruitful check the roots and cut those that are not planted by our heavenly Father not the branches only. As long as bad roots remain, the tree will bear bad fruits. So be extra careful to ensure that formative years of influence do not affect the condition of your soul. Like the clay in the potter's hand, so are we in His hands who shaped us and formed us till we are brand new vessel fit for the Master's use.

Prayer: O Lord master of hosts, who tests the righteous and who sees the mind and the heart. Come to my aid in times of need. I submit my life to the potter's hand. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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