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23 August 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Wisdom is a defense which gives life to those who possess it. God is above all in heavens and on Earth whose ways we cannot fathom. Life is full of uncertainties. Just when you are enjoying prosperity, without warning adversity comes like a flood but we thank God for His grace to be able to withstand the stormy weather that takes us by surprise. He will not allow His children to be forsaken.

This truth is seen in the life of Job the most wealthy man in the East of his time. It was his full trust in God and the fear of the Lord that brought forth his Deliverance for he who fears God will escape destruction. V18. One thing is certain. In whatever battles we are fighting, the end of a thing is better than the first. V8. Job's endurance caused him to be blessed a double portion and fullness of life at the end.

Trials are given to humble us and brings us closer to God. It's a test of our faith and patience. When hope motivates us to cling onto the truth of what God has promised His children, faith set in to bring the fulfillment of His promise. King Solomon also wrote that the patient in the spirit is better than the proud in the spirit. Pride goes before a fall. The root of pride is fear of being missed out and fear of loss of reputation. The more we fear the more the storms rage. Therefore, humble ourselves before the mighty God and fear Him for this is the portion of man. Ecclesiastes 12:11.

Fear of God is reverential respect for Him. We can never know Jesus personally until we come to a place where we experienced His closeness and sweet whisperings in our ear of the love He has for us and it's at His dwelling place where we wait in silence that we understand more of His majestic matchless power and purpose of us in such trials. So it always pays to be humble. A prideful Spirit is one who appears strong on the outside but a lot of fears boiling on the inside.

In times of trial, we must allow Him full liberty to exercise His creative power to deliver us by His grace or we will be kept out of the Kingdom. God be praised for a good outcome out of our heavy testing.

Prayer: Lord, men cannot fathom what you are doing but we know that it's for our good that we go through this trial without justifying for we know in your timing all will be well with my soul. Amen.

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