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15 March 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Knowing God's heart for the people we minister to at workplace, requires a fervent seeking of the Lord through prayer. Hebrews 11:6. By so doing we please God. To learn God's values is to walk the walk with God. We need to work out our salvation by living it every day and walking through the difficulties and joys with Christ, praying and believing in His miracles for victories. Philippians 2:12-13.

We cannot know God's heart for people's needs unless we have walked with God on a similar difficult journey which others are facing. We cannot be effective to impact other people's lives and build their lives with them if we do not experience the same difficulties as what they are going through.

Faith is not just a confession of belief but a visible demonstration of what we believe. Hebrews 11:1. Our faith will grow only if we breakthrough every difficulty God wants us to go through. Trials are given to put your carnal nature down and to allow your spirit to soar with the spirit of God. In short unless you go through difficulties you will not experience victories through miracles of God. Life should be a collection of miracles of God. To receive them we have to curb our pride and allow God to lead the way for our life. Living simply trusting the Lord to purpose your heart to offer yourself as a living sacrifice is the sweetest thing that mankind can offer to God. God be praised.

Prayer: Holy Spirit I need you every day of my life. I thank You for the greatest gift of grace that grants me the miracle of salvation and transformation into new nature. May I be an instrument of salvation and transformation to the souls who are perishing as well for Your glory.

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