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12 June 2021 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: May grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God this morning! 2 Peter 1:2. When God calls you, He will give you the grace and peace to walk worthy of your calling. The Lord knows the heart of those He has chosen. He knew the zeal of Peter to glorify God's name and for this he has been bestowed the gift of preaching to convict sinful hearts and bring them to repentance. People are amazed at the wisdom he had in building the first day church so gloriously when he was only a mere fisherman.

So it is not how talented or how intellectual you are that won the favor of the Lord or be commended by Him but the commitment to obey even to death on the cross. Many of us long for this anointing but are not willing to pay the price. To be Jesus' disciple we need to count the cost and to finish the race well. The harder the walk the more glorious we will be commended.

We need to grow fruitfully in the faith and to do so we need to seek to know the heart of our Father and what He desires. A fruitful character arises knowing the heart of the Father, His desires, and the way we should go without which we cannot attain godliness and patience as well as brotherly love. Brotherly love is the main key to godliness as it's the second greatest commandment instituted by the Lord. Matthew 22:37-39. Seeking Him with all our heart and knowing every facet of life and what it contains should be our lifestyle. If we abound in love, perseverance and self-control we will not be lacking in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ that leads us to Holiness. It's Holiness where the promise of provision embodies which has already been given to us. God be praised.

Prayer: Lord I need to be holy for you are holy. Lord, I thank you for your reckoning us righteous because of the righteousness of Jesus Christ. By this righteousness and sanctification of your Holiness of which I am to be holy, you have protected us from the hands of the devil for which I am forever grateful to You. Let obedience be the key I hold that I may be fruitful in every good work. God be praised. Amen.

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