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1 June 2020 Word by Honorary Pastor Rev Alicia Teo

Today's Inspiration: Every living soul belongs to the Lord including fathers and their children. The soul who sins will die. Ezekiel 18:4.  God told Eli through a man of God that priesthood will be cut off from his house and his father's house because he fails to discipline his children, with regard to the things of God. 1 Samuel 3:13. In fact all finances and everything He created on Earth belongs to Him. God will also cause premature death to him and all his descendants. Those who honor God will be honored. Those who despise Him or take His grace for granted will be disdained. 1 Samuel 3:27-33. This was also narrated to little Samuel whom God gave Hannah as she bitterly pleaded with God with much tears at the altar to open up her womb. 1 Samuel 3:18, 1:10-12.

God's timing is so accurate. Hannah's plea came at a time when He was about to raise up for Himself a faithful priest who will do according to the commands of His heart and mind to replace Eli. 1 Samuel 2:25.

It is important for us to know that our children belong to the Lord and not to us. We have to be good stewards and train and discipline them in the ways of the Lord in Deuteronomy 6:5-9. We have to train them to minister to the Lord. 1 Samuel 3:1. Eli knew of the sins of his sons yet did not restrain them. So God sent word through young Samuel that Eli's family will be judged even though God had promised his father that  he and his father's house will minister before him forever. 1 Samuel 1:30, 2:14. The guilt of Eli's house will never be atoned for by sacrifices and offerings. It's a fearful thing for your house and that of your descendants  to be judged by the Lord. 1 Samuel 3:14.  Samuel on the other hand, was in favor of the Lord and with men and were recognised as a prophet and all the words released through Him never fall to the ground. 1 Samuel 3:19.

God always has His timing to answer our prayer. Our request must always align with His purpose. God honored Hannah and gave her seven children as she dedicated Samuel to the Lord declaring that his whole life will be devoted to the Lord worshipping at the Holy temple. 1 Samuel 1:27, 2:5. When you honor God in your covenant, God honors you beyond measure.

So let us be faithful in the resources that God has for us so that we and our descendants will be protected. God be praised!

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